photoD.K. Farms Inc. is a premier dealer for Precision Planting, who is the industry leader in developing solutions that improve planting performance, eliminates skips and doubles, and adjusts down pressures to soil conditions to help with even emergence. V-sets, Delta Force and clean sweeps have helped push yields on corn, sugar beets, canola and soybeans.

This will be our 10th year of using Precision products on our farm and if desired, our team can do a full install for you. Our team is readily available to assist your farm by calibrating your planter on a Precision Planting computerized test stand to see how accurate it is planting. We will get detailed row by row information on how each meter is performing. Based on the results, we will be able to make adjustments to your units to help you maximize your yield potential.

We have seen many planter units that are 15% off and need to be adjusted or have new parts put on them to get them up to par. By getting your planter units just 1% more accurate, it could mean 3 bushels more yield.

For more information on Precision Planting and what we have to offer you, call us at 218-782-3333 or visit

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